Stripe Pillar Candle
Stripe Pillar Candle
Stripe Pillar Candle
Stripe Pillar Candle

Stripe Pillar Candle

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It Burns beautifully for up to 30 hours with a tunnel burn pattern for minimal mess on or around the candle. What are they made of? All XRJ Celebrations candles are non-scented and made from a sustainable, non-toxic, vegan, high-performance soy wax blend featuring medical-grade paraffin and a plant-based additive for hardness.

Offering a collection of colorful, hand-poured Australian-made sculptural candles, XRJ Celebrations is the ultimate candle brand for home styling, event-theming, and gifting. Personalize your space with our chic, statement-making candles that make perfect event centerpieces, home styling decor, gifts, or the ultimate ‘just because of treat.
Our candles have been designed as decorative styling pieces more so than as candles for everyday burning, but if you do decide to light them for a short time, please remember never to leave candles unattended, burn away from curtains, tablecloths, and other flammable materials and always keep lit candles well out of reach of children and pets.

Product info:

  • Made using 100% Soy Wax

  • Eco-friendly wicks

  • 140g

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100% Natural Wax

We use the BEST quality materials to produce our candles. From the wax, to the fragrances... and even down to the packagaing... our goal is to provide products that are eco-friendly in a eco-friendly way (as much as we can)!