Leans Candle Gift Set
Leans Candle Gift Set
Leans Candle Gift Set
Leans Candle Gift Set

Leans Candle Gift Set

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the cute decorative candles have 2 kinds of fragrances, freesia and blue wind chimes, which can last for a long time; When your rooms give off a bad smell, you can turn one on to add fragrance to the air; before going to bed, you can also turn it on, so you can go to sleep with fragrance.

Modern candles are novel in shape, in addition to being served as candles, you can also put them in your bedroom, study, bathroom, living room, and other places for decoration to add a sense of design to your rooms.

In addition to being put at home, these fashion candles can also be brought to the office when you go to work; when you organize weddings, you can use them as decorations, or when you attend weddings, you can give them to brides and grooms as gifts

Material: soy wax, paraffin, essential oil and wick.
White color.

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100% Natural Wax

We use the BEST quality materials to produce our candles. From the wax, to the fragrances... and even down to the packagaing... our goal is to provide products that are eco-friendly in a eco-friendly way (as much as we can)!